C9 Cabinet


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Based on our popular 9B cabinet, the C9 introduces our latest in driver technology that has been 3 years in the making: The Chrome Dome 5A unit.

We improved our ferrite magnet system using a higher flux magnet material which will satisfy players that have a preference for ferrite speakers over neodymium.

The cone is a proprietary material of natural wood fibers and carbon fiber, giving the stiffest and lightest cone ever used in a bass driver. The dust cap is comprised of hardened 6061-T6 aluminum alloy which has the highest ductile strength of any aluminum. The dust cap is the greatest contributor to the high frequen- cies and works a metal tweeter giving absolute purity and power to the treble required for today’s modern bassist.

The voice coil uses a copper clad aluminum edge-wound ribbon on a Kapton ( DuPont) coil former. This allows a single layer of coil wire immersed in the magnet gap. Normally 2-layer coils are used in loudspeakers. This adds extra weight which reduces efficiency and treble response. The Kapton coil former which greatly increases the bass performance can withstand 800 degrees F giving the speaker incredible power handling of 100 watts for a single 5 inch.

We also designed a new cone rubber edge surround that will not breakdown over time like foam surrounds do. The surround also dampens any unwanted cone breakup modes in the mid range which gives a smooth and warm mid range tone.

The magnet system has a geometrically balanced magnetic structure that is able to maintain a constant coil inductance significantly reducing inter-modulation distortion.

The C9 Enclosure, is constructed from Baltic birch plywood, the finest material for strength and light weight design. The cabinet is extensively braced for extreme rigidity and strength.

The acoustic loading is computer optimized for the maximum bass output while maintaining the smallest cone excursion. The vent tuning is designed to work right down to the open B string of a bass. With the C9 not only will you hear the true notes of the lowest strings but you can feel them too.

The C9 has PJB designed heavy chromed metal corners that prevents the cracking that often happens to plastic corners on many bass cabs. The wheels feature double roller bearings for ease of movement even on uneven surfaces such as a parking lot.

The heavy duty “Tolex” style covering is the thickest available and gives a durable and rich looking texture.

Key Features

Model C9
Power 900 W
Speaker 9×5″ 8Ω 28Hz-18KHz
Dimensions 20.7 x 18.7 x 21.9 inch
526 x 220 x 556 mm
(W x D x H)
Weight 74lbs / 33.6 kg
Color Black