D-600 Bass Amplifier


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           The Future for Bass Amp is Digital.
Bass players need higher power to amplify their instrument than guitarists, because it takes a lot more power to reproduce clean bass frequencies. Digital amps use Pulse Width Modulation process for amplification, allowing amplifiers to run at higher efficiencies than their older designed analog counterparts. The downside of many digital D Class amps is that they can sound harsh and have less punch in the low frequency spectrum.

To overcome this, we worked with Texas Instruments USA to develop an amplifier that has it all. It is light weight; it produces ample clean power and above all it has the tone. The D-600 is a digital amp like no other when it comes to pure performance: 600 watts of power in only 7 pounds weight.

It has 2 channels each with its own 5-band EQ, a silky smooth optical limiter, headphone out jack, a stereo auxiliary input for backing tracks, a line input for additional input source, DI out, line out and tuner out.

The D-600 is constructed in an all aluminum chassis with a ¼ inch thick machined aluminum panel, a feature normally associated with expensive recording studio equipment.

This amp oozes quality both in sound and looks. It also comes with a padded gig bag to keep it looking great.

Key Features

  • Power Output:    600w/2Ω, 450w/4Ω, 300w/8Ω  (RMS)
  • EQ:                        5 Band Graphic EQ
  • Input:                    2 x Input , 2 x mini Sw(Mute/Low/High) ,AUX-in. w/Volume, Line
  • Output:                 Line Out, D.I. Out w/Grand Lift, Speaker Outx2, Pre Amp Out, Headphone Out
  • Others:                  Compressor & Limiter On/Off, FX Send/Return, AUX Level
  • Dimensions:        12″ x 10.3″x 3.3″(W x D x H)
  • Net Weight:         7.3 lbs
  •                                 Carrying bag included