Double Four BG-75 (Factory Demo) A Rating – BLACK


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This unit is a factory demo unit with an A Rating.

“A” Like New Condition – Little to no wear or marks. Includes all accessories. One Year Warranty.
“B” Good Condition – Very minor wear marks and/or dents. Includes all accessories. One Year Warranty.
“C” Working Condition – Perfect working order with multiple visual imperfections. Includes all accessories. One Year Warranty.

The DOUBLE FOUR is a single channel bass amplifier that has an auxiliary input for ipad/ipod, mp3 or drum machine. It features 3 band EQ that is perfectly tailored for bass guitar, headphone out jack and a line out for recording. It is ideal for all kinds of basses and can handle the open B string on a 5 string bass with ease.

The cabinet may be as small as a shoe box but it is built to the same standards of all PJB cabinets, heavily braced internally and damped with acoustic damping materials to prevent cabinet coloration that can kill the true sound of your instrument. What you hear from the DOUBLE FOUR is the closest you can get to how your instrument actually sounds.

The DOUBLE FOUR may just be a practice amp but it does not mean that it has to sound like a practice amp. The sound is huge for its size and you may find it hard to believe that all the sound from your bass is just coming out of such a tiny jewel box.


Key Features

  • Power Output:    70W RMS
  • Speakers:             2 x PJB NeoPower Type C
  • Controls:              Level Selector, Volume, 3 band EQ, Aux Level
  • Jacks:                    Input, Aux input, Headphone Out, DC-input
  • Dimensions:        11″ x 8″ x 7″(W x D x H)
  • Net Weight:         8.8 lbs / 4 kg