MODEL-1 Active Bookshelf Speakers


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Continuing our decades of legacy in consumer and professional audio products, our new AirPulse MODEL-1 powered speaker combines reference monitor sound quality and timeless retro styling which will add classic beauty and refinement to your living space.

Chosen by top rated artists and recording engineers, the Model-1 offers unbeatable performance at affordable value.

The horn loaded true ribbon tweeter is responsible for Model-1’s incredibly open and transparent sound. It inherits the mechanism of the tweeter in our flagship 7001i near field monitor, but with an added phase correction device which greatly improves frequency response and increases sound dispersion.

The 5.5″ woofer in MODEL-1 is an aluminum cone/large voice coil signature Phil Jones design housed by a rigid cast aluminum chassis. It uses a neodymium motor to provide a high magnetic flux to cover the entire voice coil of the loudspeaker. By using a much larger magnetic field in the MODEL-1 woofer, we considerably reduce harmonic and inter-modulation distortion, giving the speaker a far more musical and natural sound.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth capability: Your favorite music with amazing sound quality; from your handheld device is only one touch away
  • Stylish Cherry hardwood veneer cabinets adds classic beauty to your home
  • Horn loaded true ribbon tweeter delivers highest degree of openness, transparency and resolution
  • Large voice coil high magnet flux high performance 5″ proprietary woofer for solid low notes
  • Sophisticated technologically advanced built in internal amplifier/processor enabling simple and user friendly operation
  • “TRANSPARENT” brand audiophile grade internal wiring adding further signal accuracy
  • Rigid 25mm MDF cabinet construction with waved sound obsorbtion lining material to eleminate cabinet coloration
  • Matching stands for optional set up


Tweeter:                             Phase Correction Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter
Mid-Woofer:                     5.5″ Aluminum Cone Neo Power Mid-Woofer
Power:                                L/R(Treble) : 10W + 10W, L/R(Min-Range and Woofer) : 55W + 55W
Signal-Noise Ratio :        L/R:≥90dB(A)
Input Sensitivity:            Balance Input 1000±50mV,AUX Input 550±50mV,Bluetooth Input   1000±50mFFs,Optical Input 350±50mFFs,Coaxial Input 350±50mFFs
Frequency Response:     46Hz-20KHz
Input Interface:               AUX, Balance Input, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth
Cabinet Size (WxHxD):  9 x 14 x 12 (inches)
Net Weight:                      21 lb/per speaker

Speakers and stands are sold per PAIR