SS-20 Speaker Cable (20′ Speakon/Speakon)



Check out the best quality speaker cables on the market for your PJPS gear!

Model: SS-20
Length: 20 foot
Connectors: Speakon/Speakon

It’s not uncommon for today’s bass player to use amplifier power up to 1000 watts and beyond. These high-power amps develop high currents feeding low impedance speakers sometimes peaking to 30 amps or more.

Speakers at this power level need great control by the amp’s damping ability. That’s the ratio of amp impedance to speaker impedance. Kind of like putting on the speaker’s brakes so your speakers stop and start on a dime – giving your bass sound tighter punch and better dynamics.

Using cables with the slightest of loss can be disastrous on low-ohm loads. Even a fraction of an ohm in cable resistance can result in wasting some of those precious watts.

PJPS speaker cables use four conductors instead of two found in normal speaker cables and with the high-purity copper multi-strand conductors (9 AWG equivalent), resistance is ultra-low so your speakers get virtually 100% of the power delivered by your amp.

Our plugs are manufactured by us because nobody builds them as strong as we do. So you are assured of the utmost dependability night after night, never having to worry about your cables.